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Graduate courses

Organization & administration of schools

This introductory course provides a historical and critical overview of theories about educational administration, covering a wide range of basic theories about such topics as communicating, making decisions, motivating, and leading.

Leadership & school effectiveness

This course acquaints students with the main theories, practices, issues, and challenges associated with leadership in educational organizations – with an emphasis on the Greek education system. It also offers students the opportunity to clarify their conceptions of educational leadership and how it relates to school effectiveness.

Undergraduate courses

Introduction to educational administration

In this course students develop understandings of how the administrative framework for schooling shapes the work of classroom teachers – and contemplate ways to improve that framework.

Organizational behavior in education

This course provides an overview of fundamental concepts of organizational theory that are relevant to the work of educators and education leaders. Topics covered include personality and the role of values in education, organizational structure, effectiveness, conflict management, organizational culture, and team work.

Classroom management for pre-service teachers

This course provides pre-service teachers with group and individual behavior management and instructional procedures that can be used in a variety of educational environments. Course content provides both theoretical understanding and practical application of strategies relating to such factors as behavior, environment, materials, and activities.

Learning by butterfly effect


Advancing understandings

through interactions

Learning from interacting minds
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